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      Hongsen Intelligent was first known to China domestic market as its professional designing in automation industry. Keeping its core technology advantage, Hongsen Intelligent was soon recognized as one of the most potential companies in the future automation business in China.

      Hongsen Intelligent came into the automation industrial since 2004. It was called Wuxi Litian Packing Machines Co., Ltd. As the development of its business, it moves to Anhui Suchu Modern Industrial Park in 2015. With more than ten years of experience in automation industry, now it has four business divisions: Packing, Robots, Automation, Intelligent Warehouse.

      Till 2016, Hongsen Intelligent acquired 30 patents for utility models and 2 invention patents. In Sept. 2016, Hongsen Intelligent was regarded as “Anhui Private Technology Enterprises” by the technology department. Now, because of the growth of oversea market, Hongsen Intelligent has already submitted the documents for ISO9001 and European Union CE certificates.

      In the past decades, Hongsen Intelligent has served a large number of projects. Such as automatic grinding wheel sorting and packing line, automatic electronic assembly line, automatic packing and palletizing line, automatic batching line, 3D visual recognition capture,visual sorting robots etc. The feedback from the market is very optimistic about the machines and after sale service.

      Hongsen Intelligent will keep moving on the automation business, it is not only your provider of the automation machines, but also your factory improvement professor! In 2017, Hongsen Intelligent started its overseas market strategy. Hongsen Intelligent is willing to serve the world with heart and faith. 

      Hongsen Intelligent, the factory automation renovator!