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Chinese robotics business goals clear: do the most close to the Chinese market r - NEWS - HONGSEN INTELLIGENT
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Chinese robotics business goals clear: do the most close to the Chinese market r

Release date:2015-09-21 15:52:00

China's industrial robot market has been the world's first two consecutive years, and the growth rate is twice the average growth rate of the world, but this piece of cake has 70% of overseas suppliers by food. ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, KUKA, the robot industry, the four foreign-funded families to occupy more than 50% of the domestic market. How can Chinese robotic companies cut the largest piece of cake and take off the "top of the crown" of industrial robots?

Xin Song company developed LCD screen visual assembly robot system, you can use the "vision" of the robot on the LCD panel to achieve flip, handling.

HITO robot group produced four-axis rectangular coordinate welding robot, can replace the workers to repeat, large workload, improve productivity. Photo by the reporter She Huimin photo

Do close to the Chinese market of industrial robots, is a reporter interviewed a number of robotics business after the interview, get the same answer.

Understand the real needs of enterprises

Harbin Bo Shi Automation Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of petrochemical chemical processing equipment, they had an automatic palletizing robot, find ABB want to customize on demand.

"ABB is not willing to give us a custom, that is low-end products. For stacking this simple work, with six-axis robot is a waste, the four-axis is enough. So we developed a practical, cheap and reliable four Axis automatic palletizing robot, replacing the import. "Professor Zhang Yuchun, deputy general manager of the company, said that each axis of the robot is a point of failure, the number of movement may be broken, reduce the number of shafts, in fact, reduce the failure of the maintenance Integrated costs, and increased system reliability. "A spare part of a foreign shaft is equivalent to half the price of the machine."

Zhang Yuchun said, relying on the Harbin Institute of Technology Institute of robot technology and the results of the company's future to do the automation industry, large system integrators for the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry to make an exemplary automated production line.

This story is a lot of Chinese manufacturing enterprises to industrial 4.0 upgrade when the general problem encountered in the epitome: industrial robots are currently mainly used in automotive, electronics and other industries, high-end robot market for foreign control. And the need for transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, there are many labor-intensive, under-funded industries, they also need to "customize" the transformation of automation services, but can not get too much money, they do not need the best robot, but need The most suitable robot.

Some of the technology has accumulated the robot industry has spotted this huge potential market.

"China's industrial and mining enterprises is not the lack of robots, but the combination of advanced technology and production practice, the need for robotics enterprises into the middle of the production enterprises to understand the real needs." HIT Big Robot Group Vice President Wang Hongbo said.

"The robot, which is close to the Chinese market, must first adapt to China's industrial environment. In the early years, China's labor costs were low, and manufacturing enterprises often did not consider automation requirements. In order to achieve automation, we first wanted to transform their production processes To adapt to the automation needs. "HIT Big Robot Group Industrial Robot Division, said Yu Zhenzhong, they have done a hot and cold forging automation equipment, deburring grinding robot system, precision die-casting automation equipment, machine automation equipment, easy to use Spray robot system and other industry-oriented intelligent equipment, industry technology experts and HIT of robot experts to collaborate to achieve efficient automation equipment R & D, manufacturing.

Yu Zhenzhong said that industrial robots close to the Chinese market, but also need three conditions: cost is higher, something is better, the price is not expensive; operation and maintenance to fool, no additional cost of human labor; after-sales service in a timely manner, Major customer area rapid response needs. "Compared with the foreign robot manufacturers, we understand the Chinese industry, but also understand China's industrial environment.As long as the industry in depth, China's robot industry is able to achieve rapid development."

Do not follow the old technology

China has an old saying: take it on, had to be one of them; take them, it must be the next; take the law, the law is not also!

Although China's manufacturing enterprises may not need the best robot, but the robot companies have to be able to make the best robot awareness, in order to lightly make the most suitable robot.

"We do not follow the technical followers, to do the participants in the international competition." Harbin Engineering University Industrial Robotics and Machine Vision Laboratory Director, Harbin Xingjian Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Zongyi told reporters about the company developed a variety of intelligence The story of the cutting robot.

Welding cutting involves a large number of industries, labor-intensive, huge demand, the environment is bad, is an urgent need for robots instead of artificial types of work. "Robot first started from the industry, and first from the car.Carling welding robot ontology technology is very mature, foreign has done more than 50 years, highly competitive, the price is very low, our country is catching up.

But this mature welding robot, it is difficult for the general manufacturing outside the car welding. "This robot can only take a fixed program, is a blind robot, no eyes, need a very high precision in order to achieve automation, while the general manufacturing industry can not be used as a car production line with expensive fixtures to work with the robot.

Has been done for many years underwater robot R & D Wang Zongyi, decided to install the eyes of the welding robot. "Our core technology is the visual tracking algorithm, the two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional model. Robots have eyes, visual feedback, you can see and eliminate the error, the robot core components such as reducer requirements are reduced, some Occasionally do not have to use robots dedicated reducer.

Containers, nuclear power plants, marine engineering ... ... the production of intelligent perception and decision-making capacity of the welding cutting robot, in these areas to show their talents, even with better work efficiency and accuracy, replace the US imports of equipment.

"The core of the next generation of industrial robots should be intelligent.Intelligent technology due to the industry's particularity and the complexity of technology, leaving a lot of gaps, so that we can do the forefront, to achieve beyond." Wang Zongyi confidence in the company's prospects.

At present, all kinds of artificial intelligence technology more in the hands of universities and research institutions, how to get through the technical channels and industrial channels, to better achieve the results of the transformation?

Huang Hongda Robot Group Vice President Wang Hongbo introduced the practice of HIT Big Robot Group. Harbin Institute of Technology, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, Harbin Institute of Technology tripartite joint construction, through political cooperation research and cooperation, and actively explore the industry to undertake key technology research and development, scientific research institutes as a whole new path. "We focus on two issues: First, where is the technology from the second is where the product to go through the continued industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, the construction of industrial clusters for the local to create new economic growth point.

Harbin Institute of Technology is the largest shareholder of the HIT largest robot group, accounting for 80% of the shares, which protects the profits of new products will have a large part of the return of HIT, and through a reasonable way to subsidize the invention of the technology teacher to ensure a steady stream of technology The

High-tech products to achieve high-end

Speaking of close to the Chinese market, most people often think of is cheap, affordable. But in fact, the Chinese market is broad enough enough, China's robotics also have to do high-end products, the ambition of international giants.

"From the high-end down the market is very easy, from the low-end up is difficult.China's many high-tech products are low-end but wearing high-tech hat, the real really engaged in the industry or the lowest end of the industry. , Technology, capital-intensive 'three high', must do a good job in high-end competition. "Xin Song Robot Automation Co., Ltd. President Qu Tao Kui in an interview with reporters, said the new real high-tech products, high-end, Has been exported to 23 countries, to fill a number of domestic gaps, many times to break the monopoly of foreign technology and blockade, a large number of alternative imports.

As a high-tech listed company affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company's robot product line covers five major industrial robots, clean (vacuum) robots, mobile robots, special robots and service robots. It is the most complete product line in the global robot enterprise one. "ABB, KUKA and so on more to the robot as a machine to research and development, starting from the mechanical equipment, more research machine robot properties; new pine from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, more research robot core, common, key technology, and then the formation of different equipment , More research robot personality.New pine in the field of robots with the international giants have the ability to break the wrist. "Qu Yuan Kui said.

He said that the strong technical accumulation, not only for the new company for high-end customers, "digital factory" construction in full swing, and BMW, GM, Ford, Hisense, Shenyang Machine Tool customers signed a series of major contracts, but also to the company's robot products and Solution batch into China's electronic assembly, polishing and other emerging markets for the company's business continued rapid growth and lay a solid foundation.

Xin Song company president of the Central Research Institute Xu Fang also told reporters in November will be held in Beijing at the World Robot Conference, the new company will display the digital workshop, seven-axis industrial robots, visual automatic positioning robot and other high-end robot products The "The future, to make people do not do the work, and gradually replaced by the robot."

High-end technology often means high input. At present, in order to accelerate the popularization of industrial robots, some local governments have given relevant subsidies to industrial enterprises and industrial equipment for manufacturing enterprises. This gives the robot craze Tim firewood, but also let some people of insight worry.

"Production enterprises intelligent technology transformation, it is important to solve the problem of money, but can not blindly rely on government subsidies." HIT Big Robot Group Vice President Wang Hongbo told reporters that the Group is recently and Shanghai fast deer investment group, by the fast deer group to provide business Transformation of funds, corporate profits and then repay the transformation of funds. "This is one of our attempts.We hope that robot technology can quickly enter the enterprise, for enterprises to do deep production services.If this system can achieve a virtuous circle, you can in the robot policy support after the end of the operation through the capital to ensure production Enterprises can also be used on the robot, but also to ensure the sustainable development of the robot business.